The civilised, non-human races of the world. Other sentient races exist, though they tend to stray far from the major cities of the world. The term demihumans generally refers only to those commonly encountered in the ‘civilised’ parts of the world.

*Ajasura – the demon-blooded peoples from the Ashen Wastes. Much maligned in modern society for their ancestry but unparalleled wizards.

*Degg – a short-statured, light-sensitive peoples, from the labyrinthine Subterrane. Ingenious and hard-working engineers.

*Gaeans – a relatively young race of unknown origins. Plant-like in appearance, gaeans are naturally perceptive and tranquil people, but often overlooked by many of the other, more historically significant races.

*Morello – probably the most dominant demihuman race, the morello are short, frog-like people. With a natural charm that puts others at ease, they are natural merchants, bankers and diplomats, as well as prolific explorers and seamen.

*Strigid – bird-like people, known for their isolationist tendencies. Rational and perceptive, they are well-respected for their judgement and advice.

*Verbhort – a pig-like people from the northlands, the verbhort struggle to find a niche in modern society, eking out a feudal existence in the resource-poor wastelands or else finding itinerant, mercenary work in the cities.


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