Tag: concepts


  • Aether

    The ambient field of magical energy that permeates the world, in a way analogous to both Earth's magnetic field and its atmosphere. Aether travels across the world via [[ley-lines]], invisible currents of magical energy, where it innervates the surrounds …

  • demihumans

    The civilised, non-human races of the world. Other sentient races exist, though they tend to stray far from the major cities of the world. The term demihumans generally refers only to those commonly encountered in the 'civilised' parts of the world. …

  • Greylands

    Greylands are areas that have been cut off from the [[Aether]] and, as such, no magic functions at all in their bounds. They are generally shunned by the denizens of the world due to their inhospitable nature, but are increasingly being used as a site for …

  • mana fonts

    Mana fonts are wellsprings of magic - places where magic spontaneously generates. From here they flow, via [[ley-lines]], to innervate the world with the [[Aether]]. The locations of mana fonts are often secret and heavily guarded.