An Aurum-Orier born ajasura with a native control over ice and water.


Hima is an ajasura hydrokineticist from the city of Aurum-Orier. He is still a teenager and much shorter than the average ajasura. He makes up for his lack of height with a magnificent set of horns which extend almost a whole metre off the top of his head. Due to his control of water and ice, his dark fur and horns are constantly covered in either a crust of white frost or a slick sheen of ice.

Hima is very insecure about his height and has trouble speaking to girls because of this, though not for lack of trying.

He dislikes any form of heat, preferring to walk around with a bare chest, and will cool any beverage given to him to almost freezing point.

Hima joined the guild shortly after his sixteenth birthday, where his first mission was to help resolve the strike at the harbour.


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