In the trading port city of Aurum-Orier guilds rule the markets and the streets. Everyone belongs to a guild – some people, 2 or 3 – and there is a guild for everyone; smiths, tanners, clothiers, even adventurers.

In the hustle and bustle of the big city, on the shores of the Waking Sea and the frontiers of the Wildlands, amidst countless unexplored ruins from before the Calamity, there are endless opportunities for enterprising groups to stake a claim and create an adventurers’ guild of renown. But competition is fierce and only the truly remarkable, coordinated and lucky teams will have a chance at success.

This campaign follows the exploits of one such [[Koenig & Co. – Adventurers for Hire | guild]], newly-formed and ready to tackle the challenges that come their way. From mercenary expeditions to ancient artefact collection, from spelunking in far-flung ruins to investigating devious crimes, Aurum-Orier has a huge variety of citizens and groups in need, problems to overcome and decisions to be made.

The guild-leaders, five:

Solomon – a human occultist, past his prime though fiery in his zeal and withering in his gaze.

Udayanna – an ajasuran refugee, maligned for her demonic heritage, ultimately striving to change the world for good despite less-than-pure influences.

Onesiphorous – a strigid wizard, researching the Aether, paranoid and twitchy, but brilliant and quick-of-mind.

Vuirah – a wavuun mindblade magus, gruff and pointed, but stalwart in battle and with a rigid moral compass; a valuable ally, a deadly enemy.

Alasar – a morello rogue, charming and sophisticated from the distant Fallow Fens, well-liked by the nobility of the city for his devilish wit and the uproarious tales of his exploits.

As the guild’s prestige grows, so too will its numbers swell and its influence in the city. Will our heroes become the pre-eminent adventurers in the land, demanding hefty fees for their expertise and commanding a legion of brave and loyal, if mismatched, members, or will they fall to the wayside, like so many other failed guilds of past?


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